LORENZ userBridge.15 – Preliminary Agenda is available online!

Have a look at the preliminary agenda for userBridge.15 in Vienna!

userBridge.15 - Agenda Cover

Over more than a decade, the LORENZ userBridge Conference has grown to become THE conference for learning all about current e-regulatory affairs. Speakers are recruited from the highest levels of the regulatory affairs world, and topics are selected for their timeliness and relevance to our customers. This year you’ll find IDMP, RIM, and process optimization all on the agenda, as well as the status of eCTD in different countries around the world, and a wide range of other current issues.

Presentations offer you the opportunity to learn about challenges, trends and case studies in regulatory operations and strategies. A series of multiple, parallel table tutorial sessions offer the chance to directly share your own experiences, and in turn to benefit from many others.

For more information about our conference have a look at the LORENZ userBridge Magazine. This publication includes pictures and videos from past conferences, as well as a list of speakers who have appeared at this essential regulatory affairs forum.

To register for LORENZ userBridge.15 on September 15th-17th in Vienna, click here!

userBridge.15 Banner

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