Introducing interactive eLearning for docuBridge ONE!

Good news for our docuBridge ONE customers! The eLearning experience for our workstation solution docuBridge ONE has been completely reworked: it is now interactive and still absolutely free of charge for all docuBridge ONE customers!

In the new eLearning modules, we have incorporated a mix of interactive learning elements, including informative slides with click-and-reveal animations, step-by-step walkthrough sections with docuBridge ONE screen recordings, interactive exercises, quizzes and short video sections.

The eLearning concept also provides users with the freedom to learn at their own convenience, and at a pace that is right for them.

The docuBridge ONE eLearning resource is designed primarily for users who are just starting to work with the product. However, experienced users who want to explore a specific function in more depth will also find it useful. It includes a total of 21 modules covering a variety of functions such as compilation, hyperlinking, lifecycle management and publishing.

docuBridge ONE customers will find the eLearning Modules within their LORENZ ID in the “ONE” section under “Training”.

With this interactive, audio-visual approach, we hope to give our docuBridge ONE customers all the information they need to work with the product – presented in a way that is both fun and engaging.


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