LORENZ Charitable Foundation: Grand finale of the inclusion project “Noah’s Ark”

Today we are proud to report on something that is not connected to Regulatory Affairs, but still means a lot to us: the inclusion project “Arche Noah” (Noah’s Ark) by the LORENZ charitable foundation.

After 9 months of rehearsals, the project had its barnstorming finale with a live performance in front of 800 people on May 22 in Frankfurt, Germany. Tickets were sold out weeks ahead of the show.

This initiative integrated multiple generations and people both with and without disabilities, and also transcended social class. Working together, this highly diverse group of 200 people thrilled the audience with dance and music in a variety of styles including classical – played live by the famous Frankfurt Radio Symphony – as well as pop, hip-hop and flamenco. Under the theme “Together we can move the world,” the project picked up on the challenges humankind is currently facing and connected them with the story of Noah’s Ark showing: we’re all in the same boat.

A moment the participants and the audience will not soon forget: singing the theme song “Together we can move the world” using sign language. (Picture (c)Lisa Farkas)


Heinz-Jürgen Lorenz, the founder of the LORENZ Foundation, concluded the evening saying “Inclusion is appreciation of variety. And today we saw how wonderful variety can be!” He hopes that all participants were able take a single message home with them: you can achieve anything if you truly want to.

The LORENZ Foundation had the idea for the project and implemented it together with several partners and sponsors. We would like to say thank you to all helpers, sponsors, and supporters who assisted the LORENZ Foundation in realizing this project. A special thanks goes out to all the performers who thrilled the audience in a way that both the participants and the audience will never forget.

To learn more about the project, please visit the website (in German) www.gemeinsamdieweltbewegen.de.

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