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The 19.2 releases of docuBridge, drugTrack and eValidator are available!

The releases of docuBridge, drugTrack and eValidator are available!

Release Highlights:

What´s new in docuBridge? Several features have been improved, and we have made the webAccess Module, the web-based docuBridge, available to all docuBridge FIVE customers. webAccess now includes both the webAccess Submission Workbench and the new webAccess Explorer. Furthermore, docuBridge now lets you save time by offering an automated compilation option based on meta-data. Last but not least, the Document Management capabilities have been enhanced to help authors to standardize the authoring process. Click here to read more about these highlights: What´s new in docuBridge 19.2?

What´s new in drugTrack? This release features a wide range of improvements and one completely new module to make your work life easier. Via the new Master File Tracking module, you can track Drug Master Files in the US or Active Substance Master Files in Europe. We have also increased the number of standard reports, giving you a wider selection of pre-defined and detailed reports. In addition, should your company have more specific requirements, you have now the ability to create customer-defined configurable business objects. To make your workflow more fluid, we have enhanced drugTrack´s Warnings and Notifications for Marketing Authorizations. Click here to read more about these highlights: What´s new in drugTrack 19.2?

What´s new in the eValidator? We have made updates and corrections for CA eCTD, US eCTD and eCopy, CN eCTD, JO eCTD, CH eCTD, AU eCTD, EU eCTD, GCC eCTD, TH eCTD, and ZA eCTD.