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docuBridge FIVE 5.11, docuBridge TWO 1.0, docuBridge ONE 2.4, drugTrack 5.3 and eValidator 5.10 released!

The October releases of docuBridge, drugTrack and eValidator are available!

Release Highlights:

With this release we are introducing docuBridge TWO, an addition to the docuBridge range geared specifically to small- to mid-sized companies with multiple users.

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docuBridge 5.8, drugTrack 5.1.1, eValidator 5.7 and docuBridge ONE 2.1 released!

The April releases of docuBridge, drugTrack, eValidator and docuBridge ONE are available!

Click here for selected highlights of the new versions of docuBridge and drugTrack:



What’s new in docuBridge 5.8?



What’s new in drugTrack 5.1.1?


docuBridge ONE now supports 8 different regions: AU, CA, CH, EU, GCC, TH, US, ZA!


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The way we do things around here [Part 3]

Last blog post from our Director Development Christian Kaas and his series of articles talking about “The way we do things around here” at LORENZ.

Responding to change
“Humphrey’s Law” says that customers never know what they want until they have working software in their hands to actually work with. To illustrate the point, let’s say we plan our April 2016 release with a list of features that was previously agreed in October 2015. We finish the project on time in April, delivering all of the features promised. But there’s still a high probability that a customer won’t be fully satisfied, simply because what we defined back in October is not necessarily what the customer needs in April. If customers aren’t exposed to working software before the end of our release, it’s then too late to incorporate their feedback.

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The way we do things around here [Part 2]

Follow up from Christian Kaas, our Director Development, and his series of articles talking about “The way we do things around here” at LORENZ.

The LORENZ Heartbeat
What does this expression mean? Broadly, our development teams have created an easy to use and repeatable process for managing our release projects, a rhythm that some people call the “heartbeat” of the development teams. The major beat is manifested in our promise to our customers that we will deliver two major releases per product per year – one in April and one in October.

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